Peer-review journal articles (papers) and other published articles (e.g. Field Exchange article &c.).

Visible severe wasting, MUAC, and W/H in clinical settings

Here is an article investigating the performance of visible severe wasting, MUAC, W/H in clinical settings.

Arm muscle, body muscle, and creatinine excretion

Here is an article on the use of arm muscle indicators to predict creatinine excretion in children. An interesting finding is that arm muscle measured my MUAC, or MUAC and triceps skin-fold, provides a useful index of body muscle in children.

Muscle, health, and disease

Here is an article reviewing the role of muscle in health and disease (MUAC is a direct measure of muscle).

MUAC-for-height reference

This article describes a MUAC/H reference and the construction of the WHO-modified QUAC stick.

Triceps skin-fold and MUAC

Here is an article describing triceps skin-fold and MUAC in a large cross-sectional sample. A major finding is that, in children, measurements of muscularity such a MUAC reflect individual calories and protein reserves and may be used as general indices of nutritional status.

Using MUAC to map famine

Here is an article describing the use of MUAC in the 1968 Nigerian Civil War ('Biafra Crisis') showing how surveys were used to map prevalence and target resources.

Mapping of the spatial distribution of malnutrition in similar detail has not been achieved using weight-for-height and two-stage cluster sampled surveys.

MSF calls MUAC "Bracelet of Life"

Here is short report by MSF (published in NEJM) about their 2005 Niger program. The article refers to the colour-banded MUAC strap as the "Bracelet of Life".

Pelletier's review available here

The attached files contain David L. Pelletier's 1994 review article of the relationship between child anthropometry and mortality in developing countries.

Case-detection of severely malnourished children

The attached article discusses the merits and demerits of different anthropometric indicators for detecting severely malnourished children for admission into therapeutic feeding programs.

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