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I'm trying to calculate the PABAK for one matrix, but the results found in R are different from those found in WINPEPI. I also used one MACRO in SPSS for this and the results is the same find in the R and different of the WINPEPI. For example:

                 (1)      (2)       (3)      Total
    (1)          236        7         2        245

MUAC cut off

Can you please tell me what is the technique to develop cut off points for MUAC?

MUAC for height

Can someone tell me in more details about the usefulness of MUAC for height? Can this be used in children > 5yrs to identify SAM?

Query (height gain during recovery from SAM)

In our facility-based SAM treatment center, we have observed that over the treatment period, along with the weight, the height of a child increases too. At the end of 8 weeks, when the new W/H z-score is considered, some children still seem to be SAM, even after gaining considerable weight. What is the interpretation?

MUAC for older children

Why aren't there any MUAC to identify SAM in children between 5 years - 12 years?

Query (MUAC increase)

In a facility based management centre for SAM, how much MUAC increase is expected in a child in 2 weeks after starting him on RUTF such as Plumpy Nut if ...

1. The child gains between 0-5% of admission weight
2. Between 5-10% of admission weight
3. 10-15% of admission weight
4. >15% of admission weight
5. Achieves target weight of 15%

MUAC as discharge criterion for MAM

The cut-off for MUAC has been changed from <110 mm to <115 mm after the switch from NCHS references to WHO2006 references for W/H. Has there been any adaptation for the MUAC-based case definition for MAM?

Questions on MUAC reliability

After several trainings, reliability of MUAC at field level is still a concern in some of our projects. Is someone working in other types of tapes / strips or other more reliable tools to measure MUAC?

Question on left arm for MUAC

Why is the left arm hightlighted in most articles and training on MUAC? Is there evidence behind this. Is it that most are right arm dominant? If you can share evidence on this, I would appreciate it. I need the information for training materials. Thanks.

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