Articles and reports reviewing anthropometric indicators.

Nutritional status of adults in emergencies

Here is an official guideline from the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN) on the assessment of the nutritional status of adults in emergency-affected populations. This guidelines reviews the use of BMI, MUAC, clinical, and mixed indicator methods.

MUAC and W/H for prevalence and admission

Here are a report and an associated presentation on the use of MUAC and W/H (using the NCHS reference and the WHO standard) for surveys estimating the prevalence of acute undernutrition and for program admission. Both were produced by Save the Children (UK) under an agreement with UNICEF on behalf of the IASC Global Nutrition Cluster.

Pelletier's review available here

The attached files contain David L. Pelletier's 1994 review article of the relationship between child anthropometry and mortality in developing countries.

Case-detection of severely malnourished children

The attached article discusses the merits and demerits of different anthropometric indicators for detecting severely malnourished children for admission into therapeutic feeding programs.

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