Drawings, pictures, and photographs.

Shakir Strip From HelpAge International

The attached (low quality) photograph shows a MUAC strap of the "Shakir Strip" design developed by HelpAge International. The strap is 60 cm long, has a 1 mm graticule, and four colour bands (red = 0 to 22 cm, yellow = 22 to 23 cm, blue = 23 - 24 cm, and green = 24 - 55 cm). The tab reads "MUAC TAPE FOR OLDER PEOPLE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA - Available from HelpAge International".

Photographs of three strap designs in use

The attached photographs show three different strap designs being used ...

Training images

Two drawings that may prove useful for training manuals &c. are attached.

The line drawing in the file Measure.MUAC_.jpg was provided by the Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development (CAH) at the WHO.

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