MUAC strap designs and material related to MUAC strap designs.

MSF's new "universal" MUAC tape

MSF have produced the first run (10,000) of the universal MUAC tape. The double-sided design is attached.

New MUAC tape design from MSF and HelpAge International

MSF and HelpAge International are developing a new MUAC tape.

Shakir Strip From HelpAge International

The attached (low quality) photograph shows a MUAC strap of the "Shakir Strip" design developed by HelpAge International. The strap is 60 cm long, has a 1 mm graticule, and four colour bands (red = 0 to 22 cm, yellow = 22 to 23 cm, blue = 23 - 24 cm, and green = 24 - 55 cm). The tab reads "MUAC TAPE FOR OLDER PEOPLE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA - Available from HelpAge International".

A source for MUAC straps

MUAC straps of the numberless / colour-banded design are available from Valid International Ltd. and can be delivered by courier directly to UNO, NGO, and MoH country offices.

Photographs of three strap designs in use

The attached photographs show three different strap designs being used ...

A source for MUAC straps

Teaching-aids At Low Cost (TALC) have a range of insertion tapes and MUAC accessories for sale ...

Numberless colour-banded MUAC strap design

The attached PDF shows the design of the numberless colour-banded MUAC strap created by Brixton Health for SC-US, CONCERN Worldwide, and Valid International.

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