Presentations from conferences or created for training purposes.

MUAC and W/H for prevalence and admission

Here are a report and an associated presentation on the use of MUAC and W/H (using the NCHS reference and the WHO standard) for surveys estimating the prevalence of acute undernutrition and for program admission. Both were produced by Save the Children (UK) under an agreement with UNICEF on behalf of the IASC Global Nutrition Cluster.

Presentation on MUAC response in CTC / CMAM programs

Here is a presentations from the 2008 Washington CMAM conference regarding the use of MUAC as a monitoring and discharge criteria in CTC (CMAM) programs. UPDATE 25/11/2011 : I have also attached the protocol to the study referred to below. This proposal was developed for FANTA-2 after the 2008 Washington CMAM conference.

Two presentations on the use of MUAC in CTC programs

Here are two presentations from the 2005 Washington CTC conference regarding the use of MUAC in CTC (CMAM) programs.

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