Training materials related to MUAC.

Question on left arm for MUAC

Why is the left arm hightlighted in most articles and training on MUAC? Is there evidence behind this. Is it that most are right arm dominant? If you can share evidence on this, I would appreciate it. I need the information for training materials. Thanks.

Cheap and simple way to standardise the "pull" when measuring MUAC

The attached document shows how to make an "equal pull" MUAC strap from Brixton Health / VALID International Ltd. (and other) design MUAC straps using very cheap and readily available materials (i.e. an elastic band, a staple, and a ball-point pen - you will also need a marker pen for other designs).

Training images

Two drawings that may prove useful for training manuals &c. are attached.

The line drawing in the file Measure.MUAC_.jpg was provided by the Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development (CAH) at the WHO.

MUAC and RUTF appetite test videos now available

A short training video on measuring MUAC and identifying nutritional oedema is now available. Click here to watch the video. This video is also available here on YouTube.

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