Two presentations on the use of MUAC in CTC programs

Here are two presentations from the 2005 Washington CTC conference regarding the use of MUAC in CTC (CMAM) programs.

Training images

Two drawings that may prove useful for training manuals &c. are attached.

The line drawing in the file Measure.MUAC_.jpg was provided by the Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development (CAH) at the WHO.

Numberless colour-banded MUAC strap design

The attached PDF shows the design of the numberless colour-banded MUAC strap created by Brixton Health for SC-US, CONCERN Worldwide, and Valid International.

MSF calls MUAC "Bracelet of Life"

Here is short report by MSF (published in NEJM) about their 2005 Niger program. The article refers to the colour-banded MUAC strap as the "Bracelet of Life".

Pelletier's review available here

The attached files contain David L. Pelletier's 1994 review article of the relationship between child anthropometry and mortality in developing countries.

MUAC and RUTF appetite test videos now available

A short training video on measuring MUAC and identifying nutritional oedema is now available. Click here to watch the video. This video is also available here on YouTube.


A Joint statement by the World Health Organization, the World Food Programme, the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition and the United Nations Children’s Fund has endorsed the use of MUAC for identifying severe acute malnutrition in children.

Case-detection of severely malnourished children

The attached article discusses the merits and demerits of different anthropometric indicators for detecting severely malnourished children for admission into therapeutic feeding programs.

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