Muscle, health, and disease

Here is an article reviewing the role of muscle in health and disease (MUAC is a direct measure of muscle).

UN / SCN fact sheet on MUAC

A source for MUAC straps

MUAC straps of the numberless / colour-banded design are available from Valid International Ltd. and can be delivered by courier directly to UNO, NGO, and MoH country offices.

MUAC and W/H for prevalence and admission

Here are a report and an associated presentation on the use of MUAC and W/H (using the NCHS reference and the WHO standard) for surveys estimating the prevalence of acute undernutrition and for program admission. Both were produced by Save the Children (UK) under an agreement with UNICEF on behalf of the IASC Global Nutrition Cluster.

Presentation on MUAC response in CTC / CMAM programs

Here is a presentations from the 2008 Washington CMAM conference regarding the use of MUAC as a monitoring and discharge criteria in CTC (CMAM) programs. UPDATE 25/11/2011 : I have also attached the protocol to the study referred to below. This proposal was developed for FANTA-2 after the 2008 Washington CMAM conference.

Photographs of three strap designs in use

The attached photographs show three different strap designs being used ...

MUAC-for-height reference

This article describes a MUAC/H reference and the construction of the WHO-modified QUAC stick.

Triceps skin-fold and MUAC

Here is an article describing triceps skin-fold and MUAC in a large cross-sectional sample. A major finding is that, in children, measurements of muscularity such a MUAC reflect individual calories and protein reserves and may be used as general indices of nutritional status.

Using MUAC to map famine

Here is an article describing the use of MUAC in the 1968 Nigerian Civil War ('Biafra Crisis') showing how surveys were used to map prevalence and target resources.

Mapping of the spatial distribution of malnutrition in similar detail has not been achieved using weight-for-height and two-stage cluster sampled surveys.

A source for MUAC straps

Teaching-aids At Low Cost (TALC) have a range of insertion tapes and MUAC accessories for sale ...

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