A source for MUAC straps

MUAC straps of the numberless / colour-banded design are available from Valid International Ltd. and can be delivered by courier directly to UNO, NGO, and MoH country offices.

If you would like to order some MUAC straps then send an e-mail to:

Remember to remove 'NOSPAM.' from the e-mail address. The subject of the message should read 'Request for MUAC bands'. Remember to include invoice and delivery addresses in your e-mail along with the names of addressees.

The straps cost £0.05 (pounds sterling) each ($0.09 or €0.06). They come in sheets of six straps. Following your request you will be invoiced for the cost of the number of bands you have requested plus postage and packaging. If you would like to be invoiced in US dollars or Euros as opposed to £ sterling please state this in your e-mail.

These straps are of the Brixton Health / VALID design. Pictures of these straps are available here and here.

An alternative source of MUAC straps can be found in this story.


Sources of MUAC straps / tapes

Would it be possible to put both sources of MUAC tapes/straps (Valid and TALC) together? Or at least have a link here across to the TALC item?

Links added

Good idea! I have added links between the two stories.