Photographs of three strap designs in use

The attached photographs show three different strap designs being used ...

  • Brixton Health / VALID design : Numberless and colour-banded.

  • MSF design : Numbered (2 mm resolution) and colour-banded.

  • TALC plain design : Numbered (2 mm resolution) without colour-banding.
  • TALC also produce a colour-banded strap which is similar to the MSF design.

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    TALC MUAC strap / tape

    It would be good if you could add a picture of the latest coloured TALC tape - that is long enough to use on adults- and give the ordering details. Ask

    It is confusing to use different terms to describe this equipment. Why not stick to the word 'tape' that, as far as I can remember, is the term used since the tape was first developed.

    Pictures of the TALC strap and the use of strap vs. tape

    The ordering information for TALC straps can be found under the "Source" tag. I am more than happy to include a picture of the latest colour-banded TALC strap should one be provided. TALC are free to post images on this site themselves.

    A variety of terms are in common use. These include "tape", "insertion tape", "band", and "strap". I think that you may be wrong about the use of the term "tape". The earliest colour-banded MUAC straps were known as "Shakir Strips". I am an admirer of Shakir's work and would gladly use the term "Shakir Strip" and give deserved credit to a pioneer.

    This is a free and open forum. Feel free to use the term "tape".

    Mark - Yes I stand corrected

    Mark - Yes I stand corrected - I think Shakir did use the term 'strips'. We used to make them out of old X-ray film so they cost nothing.

    Shakir strips in Ugandan schools

    I have lost the reference but I did once see a copy of a secondary school biology curriculum from Uganda in which students made Shakir strips in class and, for homework, measured and recorded the MUAC of children in neighbouring households. A second classroom exercise involved collation and tabulation of results. Does anyone have this reference?

    Found the reference for Shakir Strip in schools!

    It was a UNESCO document with a diagram. Worth a quick look.

    Sources of MUAC photos

    Could you give the addresses of the organisations from which one can get permission to use the images posted here in other publications / documents / website? Thanks.


    The pictures, photos, line-drawings and videos on this site are free for non-commercial purposes.