Pelletier's review available here

The attached files contain David L. Pelletier's 1994 review article of the relationship between child anthropometry and mortality in developing countries.

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Today I tried to open the

Today I tried to open the papers but the sites were empty.
What can I do?

Opening the PDF files

Sorry for the delay ... I am just back from fieldwork in Zambia.

I have tried to open the papers from a variety of machines and all seems well. Clicking the link displays the PDF (after some time to download) in the web-browser. Right-clicking and selecting "Save as ..." (different in different web-browsers) downloads the file. Try again. If you have problems then contact me directly:

(removing the ."NOSPAM4MEPLEASE") and I will send you what you need by e-mail.

Can any other members test the functionality of this page?