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Welcome to the MUAC Community Website! This is a free and open site for the dissemination and discussion of issues related to the use of mid-upper-arm circumference (MUAC) including, but not restricted to, case-definitions, surveys, and patient monitoring.

Have you tried EN-NET?

EN-NET is a free and open resource to help field practitioners of nutrition programs have access to prompt technical advice for operational challenges for which answers are not readily accessible.

MSF's new "universal" MUAC tape

MSF have produced the first run (10,000) of the universal MUAC tape. The double-sided design is attached.

New MUAC tape design from MSF and HelpAge International

MSF and HelpAge International are developing a new MUAC tape.


I'm trying to calculate the PABAK for one matrix, but the results found in R are different from those found in WINPEPI. I also used one MACRO in SPSS for this and the results is the same find in the R and different of the WINPEPI. For example:

                 (1)      (2)       (3)      Total
    (1)          236        7         2        245

MUAC cut off

Can you please tell me what is the technique to develop cut off points for MUAC?

Visible severe wasting, MUAC, and W/H in clinical settings

Here is an article investigating the performance of visible severe wasting, MUAC, W/H in clinical settings.

Shakir Strip From HelpAge International

The attached (low quality) photograph shows a MUAC strap of the "Shakir Strip" design developed by HelpAge International. The strap is 60 cm long, has a 1 mm graticule, and four colour bands (red = 0 to 22 cm, yellow = 22 to 23 cm, blue = 23 - 24 cm, and green = 24 - 55 cm). The tab reads "MUAC TAPE FOR OLDER PEOPLE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA - Available from HelpAge International".

MUAC for height

Can someone tell me in more details about the usefulness of MUAC for height? Can this be used in children > 5yrs to identify SAM?

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